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5Xfs long and storied history begins in 1981 with the founding of this seminal Japanese hard rock band by legendary guitarist and Japanese music scene icon George Azuma.
Between f81 and f83, 5X released three very fine albums on Toshiba EMI.

Original 5X members were George Azuma, veteran vocalist Carmen Maki,
bassist Kinta Moriyama and drummer Jun Harada.

5X rose from the ashes of LAFF, which released one album in 1978 on the Kitty Records label. Aside from the band's name change, 5X also distinguished itself from its previous incarnation, LAFF, by replacing drummer Yoshitaka Shimada with Jun.

A full twenty-one years later George felt the time was definitely right for a new 5X
to storm the music scene and show eem all how itfs supposed to be done.

Kinta was recruited back into the ranks and Jun Harada protege/ANTHEM drummer
Mad Ohuchi would prove a natural fit for the new and improved 5X.

Vocalist Miwa gManzoh Saita was discovered through an Internet contact.
This is a definitely a rock band for the 21st Century!

5X began rehearsing in April of 2004 and since the prestigious gKing of Rockh show
at the Club Holiday in June of 2004, has been regularly gigging approximately once a month.
Be sure to check out these music scene moguls if you get a chance.
You certainly wonft regret it.


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